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Mobile Responsiveness

Our HTML5 smart players respond automatically depending on the device being used to watch the video. This means your video will play back at the optimal screen size - not too big, not too small.

Progressive RTMP Playback

No need to wait for buffering, we've added enterprise-level progressive media servers so your viewers don't have to wait, and they can jump ahead to any part of your video without buffering!

Wordpress Video Posting

Got Wordpress? You can post your videos directly to your Wordpress site from your Explaindio Video Suite online control panel.

Video Lightbox

Have a video popup in a cool lightbox style popup with the background greyed out. Easily set a text link or an image to trigger this effective popup.

Video Hover Overlay

Leverage the power of another website by overlaying your video right on top of any other web page. Affiliates love this to promote other people's products effectively, since they can automatically redirect to the web page "beneath" the video when the video ends.

HTTPS Secure Videos

Embed your videos on secure pages with our https-secured embed codes.

Custom Logo

You can brand your videos as your own by adding your own logo to the player itself. When the video is shared YOUR brand is shared.

Facebook Share Gate

You can boost the likes/comments/shares of your content by requiring users to share your video before playback continues.

Easy Social Sharing

Select this option to add Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing to your videos.

One-Click Facebook Video Comments

Create a stunning video web page with ease and select this option to add Facebook comments beneath that video.

This is a story about Billy and Jane...

Video Trimming

Trim your video to cut out the bits you want or don't want and overwrite your current video or save as a new video.

Add Pre/Post Videos

Select any video from your account to play before and/or after your main video, like a commercial. We even include some for you to get started.

Easy Video SEO

We'll add your video to a Google Video Sitemap to tell Google exactly what your video is about and where to find it, so your video gets found in search. This all follows Google's recommended best practices for ranking your video content.

Video QR Code

You can place a QR code on any print material easily to have smart phone users easily watch your video on the go.

Video Download

We keep a backup for you on our servers so if you ever lose your videos you don't have to worry, we have you covered.

Videos On All Platforms

Explaindio Video Suite allows videos to be played across all platforms and devices, including mobile and tablets. Go with the innovator!

Hosting Is Included

No complex file transfers or FTP, no expensive hosting charges, plenty of hosting space and bandwidth, and it's push-button simple.

Video Jukebox Option

Easily add multiple videos to one player, with a smooth user experience.

Customize The Player

Change the look and feel of the player to match the colors and design of your website. Makes each video unique without the need to pay an expensive designer.

Email Form Integration (CTA)

Build your mailing list at the speed of light. Explaindio Video Suite can display your opt-in form right inside any video. Compatible with ALL autoresponders like GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft.

Play Videos At Any Size

Easily select the size of the player to suit your needs...NO GEEK REQUIRED.

Add Labels And Hyperlinks

It's easy to overlay clickable links and text onto your videos, and you can even make it clickable to direct people to another website, if you choose.

Automatic Trigger Points

Capture your viewer's attention with images, graphics, calls to actions that magically appear below the video at a predetermined time that you select.

Add A Logo

Brand your videos with a logo or watermark placed wherever you want.

Built-in Video Conversion

Use videos directly from your camcorder. Explaindio Video Suite accepts most file types: AVI, MOV, WMV, QT, MPEG, and converts them so they can be played online.

Manage Your Videos And Players Online

Login to your control panel from anywhere in the world for easy 24/7 access.

Track The Views

The built-in stats automatically track and display the number of views, the length of time they are viewed for, and much more.

Wizard Interface

Follow these steps. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Add A Button

Display a "Buy Now" button at any time during the video, or at the end for total flexibility with your marketing.

Video Web Pages

No need to learn HTML or struggle with any difficult programming. With a click of the mouse you can display your video in a unique video web page. Select from a number of web page templates to give your videos a professional look and feel.

Video E-mail

Choose from a library of professionally created templates and now send your video message in style.

Video Security

You have complete control over where your videos will play and on which web sites you allow them to appear.

This is a very real warning about using Youtube as the primary host for your business videos, and a really cool solution to this problem.

You’ve probably noticed already that very few successful businesses use Youtube or Youtube players on their main websites.

Those businesses know that Youtube isn’t so great for their business after all.

Did you know that the Youtube video on your site is a massive hyperlink back to Youtube? If your visitors go to Youtube, do you think they are all going to come back to your site when they’re done with watching your video on Youtube?

How about those “suggested videos” that pop up all over the place -- ever wonder about those?

Those are serving as a vehicle to reach other people’s videos including those of your competitors.

That can’t be helpful for you and may cost you a lot business.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Youtube does have its place when it comes to search engine optimization, especially if you know what you’re doing, and Google Hangouts are great, too.

However, building your business on it and using Youtube as your primary source for hosting videos is very dangerous.

And sure, you can host the videos yourself but hosting is only one part of an effective online video marketing strategy.

Video marketing is a pain if you don't know what you're doing.

Hours and hours spent on conversion, customization, & embed codes that ensure your videos play on all devices (it is not easy).

So what’s the solution?

I’m about to tell you about the simplest yet most powerful video marketer's tool on the planet to make your life easier, help you generate more business, and save you time.

It is the Explaindio Video Suite which has been built based on marketers’ suggestions: a platform created by marketers for marketers.

A platform done by a team of people that have listened to customer feedback, measured viewer response, and built all that into the platform.

Alright, so you need the video hosting security of a massive infrastructure like Google and Youtube, but without promoting Youtube, one of the stickiest sites in the world.

The answer is to leverage 2 services from 2 other tech giants, Amazon for hosting your video files, and Facebook for sharing your video content!

Amazon has a hosting and storage solution that is completely secure, robust, and scalable called S3.

But it’s confusing, right?

Well, without the proper interface the answer normally would have been ‘maybe’, except now with Explaindio Video Suite you can do it very easily, and you can manage all your videos right inside the platform.

The Amazon S3 is lightning fast, and offers unlimited hosting that literally costs next to nothing.

But that’s just the hosting part.

You will need a video player and marketing platform that links to your Amazon-hosted files quickly and easily.

A video player platform that gives you flexible functions, with a range of options that really make your video stand out, and which gives you all the video marketing and monetization capabilities you need.

As you can see below this video, the options that both player and the marketing platform offer are above and beyond.

Explaindio Video Suite is not a wordpress plugin, or a cheap Youtube video overlay like many players you might have seen.

Explaindio Video Suite is a professional video publishing, marketing and monetization cloud platform to skyrocket your business with the video.

This is what the successful businesses use, but at a fraction of the price.

Other video publishing, marketing and monetization solutions can get very expensive.

You can get all that Explaindio Video Suite offers for very low price, which gives you the ability to publish unlimited videos on all websites that you own.

The current low price is a limited time offer, which may be going up shortly, so grab it now and lock in low prices for as long as you stay a member.

So go ahead, and add Explaindio Video Suite to your order. We look forward to your success.

Get Your Explaindio Video Studio Now

Monthly Plan

$11.95 / month

Explaindio Video Suite monthly

Yearly Plan

$67 / year (Save $52)

Explaindio Video Suite
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You are 100% safe with our 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like our "Explaindio Video Suite" and everything that it can give you then we are going to give you your money back right away! No questions asked! Just say the word and you get every single dime back to your wallet or credit card.